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チア視点からみてみた。Company president and Cheerleading

time 2016/07/13

I wonder what a company president is for. For sure, I know as everybody knows like it bears significant responsibility, accountability, and authority within an organization. The top priority is to make it big and stable with profit to make it even bigger. I also know that it’s isolated in the organization and it’s common that employees don’t know/understand how their president feels/thinks. (The president, however I believe, has a responsibility to try to understand those employees though.)

Notwithstanding, in accord with all matters I know…. I was still holding onto some kind of a feeling that I wanna go back to a staff as being one mere baker. But good news to me! I found a very good way to see myself. Keyword is Cheerleading. Which is I enjoyed during my high school year. In Cheerleading, a team competes with other teams by its quality: beauty; completion; and high level of its stunts.

さいきん社長業ってなんだろう と思うことがあります。









Roughly speaking, we have two divisions. One is called “Base” to support/bring/catch “Top”. The other is “Top” who attracts audience with her fantastic pose and fly above the “Base”. I wanted to take a “Top” role, but couldn’t because I was 8kg heavier than it was supposed to be. So I turned out to be a “Base”.




Since then, however, I never thought of trading a Base for a Top. I focused on my team’s outcome. I was proud of how beautiful my team’s Top was posing, and how safe she was feeling as standing on me. I respected my team’s Top, and vice versa. The most importantly, it’s “team”, and I can make a good quality of stunts with the team.

Going back to my bakery, I believe I am like a Base being a person employees can trust their work with, and being the person to be there to catch them when they fall. This is my very original way to think of my present position.

Pictures are from “Cheerleading Stunt Quotes”.

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