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めざすところは・・・MY GOAL

time 2016/05/10



First thing first, I really appreciate some events recently. While just because I am not a perfect boss/president I’ve been struggling, there are always some people of help me and my bakery. And thanks to those people, I kinda come to think of my goal as a bakery managed by Khmae, though I used to just want to provide good, delicious bread to customers.

Let me first show some events where those people were of help me.


1. At farmer’s market (so-called Mindful market)

An owner of this market invited me to join the farmer’s market to be held every Saturday. With an excuse that I’d like to try only the first one since I wasn’t sure wether my bread would keep in a good quality under the hot weather as it’s outside from 3pm to 6pm (counting prep-time, it’s from 2pm), I took a first tentative attendance. It turned out a big success. Many Westerners who didn’t know SANCHA visited my stall and was excited to find our English muffin! (Oh… I really never knew that Westerners were so waiting for English muffin unless I was there. How grateful it was… ) But what impressed me even MORE happened afterwards. I cannot attend future farmer’s market for a while due to some matters (I’ll skip showing what it is here). I explained this situation to the owner. Can you imagine then what the owner said and offered to me?
“Don’t worry! It happens to all… But people are waiting for your English muffin. How about we sell your English muffin?” How impressed… and how thankful. (I hope I will be like her in the future… ) Even with premise that I pay farmer’s market back a bit more than normal, it is unbelievably amazing.

2. High-five: Good communication

This event was of help me in showing good communication between a Japanese boss(or owner?) and Khmae staff/manager.
One day I visited a Japanese restaurant to have a quick lunch. The owner is Japanese but it’s mostly managed by Khmae. He is not there most of the time. While I was eating, he dropped by and slapped high five on his staff. It looked such a good relationship and atmosphere that I could not build with my staff. Later on he explained to me that it was a communication tool between them to motivate his staff, especially where he couldn’t stay there usually and it’s a Khame staff who managed there.

Would it be better than managed by me?

I am at bakery in order to create more varieties of bread, to keep quality, and etc.. but more importantly I need to make atmosphere better which I haven’t succeeded by far.

3. A good staff

I have a good staff. She was of no experience in working nor in baking. She was, if one word would express her, naive. But I didn’t spoil her. I was very strict from the beginning, and so am I still. She’s turned into, after two years, a very responsible, trustworthy, helpful, and whom I learn much often. It is her life, so I never know how long she’ll be at my bakery. The point is that I could find one person (out of one hundred? though). I will find more in the future, too.


So my goal is to have a Khame manager. It’ll be much better on customers and other Khmae staff. Eventually on myself.

Merits for customers:

1. More varieties can be provided with more frequency. (I will have more time to respond customer’s needs.)

2. The same price.

3. Good quality. (Coaching Khmae staff by a Khmae manager should be smoother as it’s in Khmae. Quality can be kept or even better.)

4. Longer business hour. (I will have more time and will be able to see extended hours.)

Merits for Khmae staff:

1. More salary

2. More experiences

3. Wider-ranged Khmae staff to work with


I hope it will happen soon.

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