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スタッフに期待してしまう今と、10年後から見つめたじぶん。What 10-year-older I would say to me-now.

time 2016/04/12







What I really think of every single day is my staff/ a matter of them/ my bakery business. Of course, my goal always comes to my business. But all come from people y’know. Today I look back and rethink that I need to change myself in a way of how 10-year-older I would say to me-now, not people. I’ve come to think in this way by not only bookish lessons that I get from internet and forerunners but also my own real experience in Cambodia.

What I usually do and will still tend to do are:

1) I show them, teach them, let them do, expect them to do, review/reteach them, let them.. teach…. give them a ticking off when they cannot since I see it can be the only way. And I will start over from the beginning. I love my staff. I hire them. So how could I dislike them? I deal with them all equally. Equally kind, strict, and never spoil them.

2) I gave a small test to them.
Contents of the test are easy, or at least I can say that those are what they have learned from me for several times. Those are what I couldn’t learn directly from my ex-boss or school. I didn’t go to school for baking. I learned all from practical lessons while working at my previous bakery. I read some books. I researched on the internet when I hit an alien stuff in baking. But I think what I am doing are what many bakers are doing as normal because I am interested in baking, and improving as I want to satisfy my customers by my bread. So I come up with “WHY?” when I encounter those alien stuff…..
But I know teaching them, expecting them, and showing them won’t change them. Instead, they may feel not comfortable without taking all advantage from me/what then can learn.

So maybe it’s a good time of me to expect on myself only.

To learn how I want to expect on me, I wonder what 10-year-older I would say to me-now.

If I can say to me 10 years ago, I would say “Keep going. Do what you do now.” I was 23 years old. I was an office lady and to be a secretary. I made thousands of mistakes, and more than anything, I met my ex-boss and senior colleagues who forgave me. I learned many from them. Also, as taking a position of a secretary, I found it not suitable at all to me, and that let me make my mind to change my way to be a baker. So I can tell me in those days to keep doing.

I will be 43 years old in 10 years.
What will I say to me-now? This is a question on myself during this Khmae New Year.

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