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“BELLA VOCE” Christmas songs in Phnom Penh

time 2015/12/07


You would be one of lucky people if you feel a holy night, a happy Christmas season here in Phnom Penh. I couldn’t till last night. (One day I actually stopped playing a Christmas music in one hour at SANCHA as it felt so mismatched.) This wonderful Christmas concert was held by “BELA VOCE” consisting of 45 people from European to Asian singers. (I totally forgot to take a picture definitely because it was so beautiful. I borrow the one from FB page of Phnom: )



Xmasの幸せな雰囲気っていいですね^^ SANCHAではXmas商品は用意していないですし、もう準備を始めるには遅すぎるのですが、Xmasのような正月のような中国正月のような、なにかしらハッピーなホリデー気分になれるパンみたいなのを作ってみたくなりました。新人教育で手一杯ですが、もしなにかできたら、いいなとおもいます。


All songs were very beautiful. Particularly, I felt so lucky by the fact that I could listen to not only English songs but Tagalog and French songs. It could not be possible if I were in Japan. I was happy to feel Christmas. It gave me some ideas that it would be not bad to have some Christmas touch products. Maybe it is too late to provide it only for Christmas season which lasts till 25th this month. So I will think of something that makes customers happy like last night which may be related to Christmas… New Year… Maybe? Stay tuned.

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