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おばあちゃんとのはなし。A story with Grandma.

time 2015/11/04



The seminar i attended recently recalled me of the days with my grandma.
(Blog of the seminar: )

According to a lesson in the seminar, experience/input/or whatever we absorb by the age of 12 tremendously means a lot to how much you will be positive/negative. Till then it would be even better to be given good words and to be asked a positive question. Then our brain will tend to think things in a positive manner.

Up to the age of 12 is those in elementary school in Japan.

I used to be willing for summer days where my grandma used to visited me. She brought a set of tools to make Japanese traditional doll.

イメージ 16


It was not only one summer, but it lasts several summers. And, while learning and making one, she used to give me many compliments. I don’t remember how good/bad I was in making, I could be not a fast-learner. But regardless of it, she gave me many many many compliments. That moment still makes me warm.

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I am increasingly certain that thanks to that “input”, I felt confident in making something with my hands.

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Nowadays she is not very fine because of her bad leg. That keeps her from going outside, though she was the kind of a person who loves to go out and loves to eat something delicious. I feel really bad.. When I decided to become a baker, I dreamt of opening a portable car-style bakery which enables me to deliver freshly baked bread to my grandma and her neighborhood because they don’t have a place to buy freshly baked bread.

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I sometimes wonder what I can give her back. She sometimes says that she wants to taste my bread..

So I wonder if I can do a bakery in Cambodia and do it in Japan….??? Anyway at any cost, I think I can do something for her. So far, I wrote to her.

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