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time 2015/08/31

//English follows.//

ブログから離れて、1年8ヶ月 自分の頭の整理にも、またブログをつけていきたいとおもいます。







I regret that it has been entire One year and Eight months since I was away from posting the blog.
The same time as I got absent from here, I got a new staff who turned out to have worked at my factory for One year and Eight months. It is her last day to work here today. Feeling like reflecting the staff who has been working the longest, I will start over the blog with this topic; Diversity.

The staff was introduced by one of ex-staff.
The reason as to why I hired her was her smile at the interview. (Not a big smile. It was small but just as nice and many times as she could.) I already learned at the interview that she was the kind of the person that I never met before. I did not know how new to me. Still I liked the way she smiled, I hired her.

(Most of all… well, especially who can speak English fluently or goes to/graduates from so called “good university” failed to see the points of what I am seeing from him/her at the interview. While I check all matters shown in CV and listen carefully to all topics that the applicants talk to me and admire him/her if s/he can speak English good, what I count the most is things that s/he does not intend to show me, but unconscious gesture and face impression.)

Truth be told, I used to be stumped about the way I could teach her and the one I could work with her.
Maybe it was because I had never met the kind of the person. And maybe, Mine is very different from Her personality. I love my own way (haha), so I do not change. But at the same time, I learned her good points that I do not have.

For example,
she is friendly, easy going, and loves to hang out with friends (that she has many).
She does not over-react.
She keeps her pace regardless how much I scold her.

As recognizing those good points in herself, I came to not worry about working with her. I even find it comfortable and thankful to work in those differences. It can be appreciation for diversity. Which I learned at university where I took the subject because I found it easy to earn credit. Actually it was easy at university but in a real life it took me One year and Eight months.

I may suffer from diversity as long as I live abroad. But I want to remember how the diversity will turn out to be in a good way in the real life.





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