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2013ありがとうございました!Good-bye to 2013, and hello 2014.

time 2013/12/29






Last bagels of this year have just out of the oven.

Looking back over the last 6 months, I’ve been supported so much by so many people, while I, when i first launched my products here, expected that I would have never had any staff on board. I feel I was very stupid. 
Truth be told, I visited LA before Cambodia in order to see some of my ex-collegues at my ex-workplace. They work at one of branches of where I used to work in Japan. I just really wanted to hear how they were doing, working with people oversea at their workplace. And wanted to get some ideas for my bakery in Cambodia. Wanted to get myself ready for it.
One of the most impressive words I got from them was, “I cannot do anything alone. I need staffs to support me. Thanks to those staffs, I can do what I do now.” Maybe, I didn’t understand what it really meant, though I thought I understood it at that moment. Nine months have past since I met them, and now I understood what they really meant, i think. 
I’d like to say thank you to all people who supported me. No matter where you supported me. Can be the oversea, as well.
I set my goal for this coming 6 months ahead. Will try the best. 
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