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チョコレートチップスの販売開始について。Chocolate Chips is now available at SAKURA massage and Spa!

time 2013/09/08

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Get ready for the nice combination of sweet and crunchy snack!

This month, I’m focusing on providing a new product. “Chocolate Chips” is one of them!

About three weeks ago, one of my inquisitive staffs asked me, “Why do foreigners love to have bread in the morning? Cambodian people eat rice or noodle for their breakfast.” She added, “We usually eat bread as snacks” Although I was shocked because I was raised up by a family who usually serve bread for my breakfast, it really inspired me.

Afterwards, I remember those days where a customer used to buy “Melba toast” or so-called “rusk” (hereinafter, I call it “rusk”) when I was working at the previous bakery while in Japan. She said she loved to buy and serve it as snack to go with tea. And just off the top of my head, “rusk” and “snack” are linked to each other.

After having done many try-and-errors, I reached to a new product. I named it “Chocolate Chips” since “rusk” is not familiar with people here and “chips” is much easier for them to pronounce.

We hope you’ll enjoy it with a cup of coffee or tea. Thank you very much!

(Because of its manufacturing procedure, Chocolate Chips is in a limited supply. Therefore, it’s available only “SAKURA massage” as of today. )

今月BAGEL sanchaは新商品開発に力を入れています!






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