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time 2013/08/17

Today, I got a huge nap! FIVE ENTIRE HOURS. From 11am to 16pm. hahaha

My body needed it because the last one week or so I’ve been going through crazy days…..

From getting a new stainless steel table (that I needed to make an order for customized one. That made it complicated)


…to getting a new gas oven (that I need desperately because the previous one doesn’t have stable power of fire, which is annoying because I have to very keep my eyes on the level of fire during baking . And it was needed to turn on fire with a lighter. That I gotta jeopardize to fire on my fingers every time.)


…to test-baking because I gotta try to bake with the new oven.


…to getting more places to deliver.


…to increasing the number of distributing and adjusting baking schedule.


…to getting interviews with staffs to be, and hiring people, and coaching.


These happened all the last one week. I am glad to be busy. But at the same time, I need to have a rest. So i took a big nap. :))

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