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【STORIES】①パン屋になった理由。1. Why I became a baker.

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I used to work at a real estate company. Then, what made me take a step forward as a baker?

This a story about the reason.


I took a job at a real estate company just after I graduated.

I had been working there for years.

However, gradually came to wonder if I dedicated myself to it with all my heart.

I cannot accomplish anything, unless I put everything I have into my job.

But one question hit me… What if it’s not that I can give myself up to?

Situation of being apart from a department, which I got in when I took a job first, to another department has thrown the question at me. I questioned to myself if or not. Answer was no. Then, I questioned again to myself that, then what is my job? Answer was food.


Ever since I was born, literally, I love food.

I love eating.

Although I wasn’t a girl who cooks at home, I used to bake.

Any sweets.

Even when I was working at the company, I used to bring my homemade sweets to my coworkers and bosses. They liked it, but at the same time I realized some things.


– Sweets cannot substitute a meal.

– People eat sweets on a special occasion, not everyday (because the department that I belonged to had 28 males out of 30 people, I felt it strongly.)

– On the other hand, they eat a meal three times a day everyday.

– Maybe it could be better if a thing of I make can be a meal.

– However, (since Japanese mainly eat rice at home) I believe that rice-foods, such as rice-ball, BENTO and foods that usually come with rice, are supposed to be served by their mother or wife. I mean it should be cooked and served by them, not by a cook at a restaurant or a fast-food. It is a part of dietary education.

– So how about bread? Baking bread requires a decent amount of time and effort, and what’s more professionalism. It cannot be acquired overnight. Nowadays in Japan, it has been getting popular to bake at home with so-called Home-Bakery machine. Yet, bread from a bakery is way better.

– I remember how excited I was when I was brought to a bakery, by her, to choose two pieces of bread with my mother. We used to visit a bakery in my childhood. Visiting a bakery is exciting. Special but it isn’t limited only for a special occasion. I want to go to a bakery everyday. So do people.


Experiences at the company have brought me to bread-field.

It is as to why I became a baker.

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