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Our Products

SANCHA’s products are based on Japanese style bread. Some are traditional Japanese bread. (Ex: Anpan/ Sunrise/ Pain de Mie) Others are just SANCHA’s original. (Ex: TOFU Pain de Mie/ Chocolate Swirl/ Caramel Chips) The chef always pours her heart into our products and in creating a new product to satisfy our customer’s palette.


Tin Bread

Pain de Mie / Campagne / Chocolate Swirl / Raisin Bread



Charamel / Chocolate / Green tea


TOFU series

TOFU Pain de Mie / TOFU ball




Several kinds of bagel


Sweet Bread

Anpan / Apple / Sunrise / French Anpan




Humburger buns / Hotdog buns

SANCHA shop location

Featured Opportunities

SANCHA is hiring new staff. Open positions are:

*Bake Staff 5:15 – 14:00 (8h work)

*Sales & Assistant Staff 6:00 – 15:00 (8h work)

*Delivery Staff 6:30 – 13:00

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